Christmas Season and a Time of Change


Christmas Season and a Time of Change

It took me a really long time this year, but I’m finally in the Christmas spirit. I’ve been transitioning to becoming an empty nester. People have talked about having empty nest, and honestly I always thought it was something to look forward to. Having the kids grown and out of the house and lower expenses, etc. We would be able to travel, etc. I will tell you right now that someday I might be able to look forward to those things. These past 2 months have been horrendous on me. I miss my kids being little, the way their faces light up on Christmas morning, the baking for them, shopping for the ultimate Christmas present and of course the family time and togetherness of Christmas celebrating the birth of Jesus Christ.

I’ve been struggling through to find the joy within even though things are changing. I still miss my BamBam Blake very much. My heart clenches when I think of him becoming a Marine. I’m so very proud of him and what he is accomplishing, the man he is growing into.

Yesterday at church 2 of my closest friends (one of them is my 3rd momma :D) hugged me tight, told me I was going to be OK and to go forth and be the shining star God has created me to be. I know I shine bright into others. I have a few nicknames, Ray of Sunshine, SuperNova, Sunshine, Sunny and others that people use to describe the light that I shine.

We went to my brother’s house for our family Christmas party and I had an awesome time! I laughed and laughed and laughed so hard my sides were hurting. Laughter is good medicine! I enjoyed my nieces and nephews, my brothers and sister and their significant others.

I will be honest. I wasn’t looking forward to going because I’ve been suffering through this season. However, when I MADE THE CHOICE TO SHINE MY LIGHT, I had a wonderful time. I’m SO GLAD I went and didn’t find a lame excuse of why I couldn’t go. Time with family is precious and I want to cherish every moment I can with them.




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