Walls of Trust

This picture was taken in Scotland, close by Drymen village where we stayed.  To me it is a reflection of the walls we build when we are hurt by others.  That is not the plan God has for us.  We must forgive and not allow walls to be built, but stay open, transparent and vulnerable.
I wrote this in May 2004 and came across it tonight and was amazed I wrote something like this:
Walls of Trust
You think your walls protect you
You build them high
Way up into the sky
With each brick you lay
Distrust wins the day
Brick by brick you work so hard
Your wall so high, you should be so proud
No holes, no cracks
You check every inch
Every day, every hour
When someone tries to come near
Stay back you warn
Any who wishes or tries
To see over the height
They build ladders and stairs
Trying to get a glimpse
Of the beauty you try to hide
Trust destroyed in one fell swoop
No doubt in your mind that forever
You’ll be in the dark
That’s ok though
You’re protected now
With the walls you’ve built
Then one day you come to realize
Your true love has tried so hard
To reach the top, to glimpse inside
Tiptoeing and reaching
All the while begging to be set free
Promises upon promises build the way
You try to dig a hole
In your tall wall
but the mortar you’ve used to attach the bricks
Is tight and tighter
How can you get through?
You want to trust
You want to believe
But how can it be?
Brick upon brick
Hurt upon hurt
Year upon year
It’s so high, you can’t see the top
And all you want
Is the madness to stop
It’s when you make a choice
to believe in the unseen
That the mortar starts to fade
And the bricks fall like blades
Brick by brick, day by day
And then comes the way
You’ll want your bricks back
Where’d they all go?
You don’t need them though
It’s scarier this way
To trust in God everyday
He knows what’s best
And in your interest
Let God lead the way
And shine through you day by day
You’ll see you’ll find
Your walls kept you in the dark
And not a part
of His great light
And your delight
Will be the joy you find
As you bind
And intertwine your heart to be
One with the one you love
And trust and see
All the holes your hurt
Has torn will be
Filled with His joy
His love for eternity.
Kelli Conrad
May 2004

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