Who Are You?



Who Are You?

Who makes up the whole of who you are?  Who tells you who you are?  Your friends? Your coworkers? Your Enemies?

Who do you listen to?

Who do you want to be? The WHO of who we are tells everyone what we think of ourselves and we portray that out to everyone we come in contact with.

The WHO I was in my past is not WHO I am today.  I choose WHO I will be and how I will portray that out.

For those of us who are not happy with the WHO we are today can make a shift and change WHO we are.

For example, I got pregnant at age 15 and had my first son at age 16.  I dropped out of high school, loved to party, was heavily into drugs and alcohol.  However, I realized this lifestyle was not getting me anywhere. I chose to change WHO I was so that I could become more and reach a higher potential than I could as someone who partied, drank and did drugs.

How did I change WHO I was?  I still dropped out of high school, I still had a child in my teens, I still was rebellious in my past, but that no longer holds me back from being WHO I want to be tomorrow.

The first thing I did is I chose to make higher potential decisions.  I chose to start hanging out with those who were more successful than me and applying the positive habits I saw them portraying.  I started looking for ways to improve my self image.  I stopped partying, I stopped doing drugs, I stopped drinking heavily.  I still like to have a drink on occasion, but it doesn’t define WHO I am.

I chose to start finding jobs where I could grow and learn.  For me, it was finding an office job where I worked 40 hour weeks, got vacation and benefits.  Today that vision of who a responsible person looks like is different.  But then, that’s what it looked like to me, so I started doing it.

Secondly, I started telling myself that I can do it.  I reinforced myself through positive words, speaking life into my situation.

Thirdly, I looked for friends who spoke and encouraged me.  Reminding me that I am able, I am smart, I can do it.  These seem like simple things, but they mean the world to someone who is struggling with WHO they are.  We have the choice to speak life into someone or death.

Who are you?  Who do you want to be?  What is holding you back?


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